Dresden: Heritage in Danger!
This Landscape Would Be Destroyed

View from Waldschloesschen Pavilion over Dresden inner city.
This view would be blocked by the bridge.

View from Waldschloesschen Pavilion over Dresden inner city.

View over the Waldschloesschen Area

View over Dresden Elbe Valley

At this place the fly-over and the bridge are to be erected.

This idyll would be completely destroyed.

Grazing sheep on the Elbe meadows in the midst of the city…

Soon “under” the bridge?!

Life in Dresden Elbe Valley

Typical life on Dresden Elbe meadows in summer.

Schloss Albrechtsberg one of the 3 Elbe castles, immediately next to the planned traffic project.

Elbe meadows after mowing.

View over Elbe meadows from Blasewitz to the Waldschloesschen and the Neustadt.

Waldschloesschen Scenery

Waldschloesschen view in winter.

Summer idyll on the Elbe meadows

For many the Elbe meadows in the immediate neighbourhood to the baroque city offer a high recreational value.

Especially at dawn the Waldschloesschen view is an attraction.

City at the River

The Bruehlsche Terrasse – only 2.5 km far from the planned roadway.

View from the Neustadt up to Dresden-Loschwitz including the place, where the bridge is to be erected.

View over the Elbe to the east and the bridge Albertbrücke. Behind this bridge the 150 million Euro expensive Waldschloesschen bridge is supposed to be built in the midst of the Elbe meadows.

Castle Dresden Pillnitz