Alternative: Tunnel
Official Surveys prove feasibility of Elbe Tunnel
An Elbe tunnel at the same location as the planned bridge with the same traffic performance and link roads to the existing road network is technically feasible. The alleged problems (ventilation and security matters) are technically solvable. The building ground enables a tunnel construction and the costs of the tunnel solution are comparable with the bridge model.

Already since the beginning of the nineties an Elbe tunnel was considered by Dresden Municipal Council to be an alternative to the bridge model. Several engineering consultants suggested their plans and referred to the technical feasibility. But the municipal administration this proposals always negated.

In autumn 2003, the regulatory authorities in the approval procedure for the bridge model, called on to the mayor again to investigate the tunnel possibility adequately. Thereupon, the planning office EIBS compiled another survey, which again ascertained the technical feasibility of an Elbe tunnel. This position in April 2004 was confirmed by additional investigations of the planning offices ILF, Innsbruck-Munich-Berlin and BAUGRUND, Dresden.

An additional planning and approval period of 12-16 months would be sufficient to implement an Elbe tunnel.